Q and A

What if my child gets homesick?
Many families are concerned about homesickness and how it is handled at camp. Sometimes, especially during the first day or two of camp, it is natural for children to miss home. Hidden Valley Camp is a very caring, close knit community. Our counselor to camper ratio (7:1) gives us the opportunity to maintain close contact with all of the campers throughout the day which allows staff to pay close attention to each of the campers and their individual needs. We pride ourself at making all campers feel comfortable at camp from the start, whether they have attended before or not. Once the routines are established and activities get under way things usually take care of themselves and campers realize that they are in a very supportive, safe place. Rarely do occurrences of homesickness last for more than a day or so - but if there is a prolonged situation the Director is in contact with the family and a decision is made as to how to proceed.

What if my child doesn't know anybody else coming to camp?
Again, we pride ourself on making campers feel comfortable from the first day of camp whether they have attended HVC or not. We do this in a variety of ways, ie. everyone helping each other move into the tent; taking a tour of camp with the tent group and getting familiar with where the different activities and buildings are located around camp; playing some games together and planning a group skit for the Introductory Campfire. It is pretty amazing how quickly everyone feels a part of the HVC family.

I made so many new friends and I loved all of the activities. I cried on the last day because I didn’t want to go home!
— HVC Camper
We were nervous as our kids had not been away from home for more than one night. They did wonderfully and we can’t thank you enough for helping them get instantly into camp!
— HVC Parent

How do you deal with "problems"?
Because of our ratio of staff to campers and our small group program emphasis we are able to step in and deal with situations in a fair, positive way. Most often these situations are not major in nature, and because we get to know each other so well they can be dealt with quickly and fairly. Any extreme behavioral situations (a rarity) are dealt with on an individual basis with the counselor and director involved as well as the parents if deemed appropriate.

How's the food?
Hidden Valley Camp has a long tradition of excellent camp food. The menu is approved by a nutritionist and accommodations can be made for those with special dietary needs.

What do I need to bring?
For those that register for camp an equipment list is sent out which has suggestions on what clothing and other equipment to bring. Laundry is done once each week so it is not necessary to send enough clothing for your child's whole stay at camp.

ACA Accredited Camp
Hidden Valley Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association and meets standards of the county and state health departments.

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Thank you for running such an amazing camp! Our daughter had a wonderful first overnight camp experience and looks forward to joining you again next summer!
— HVC Parent