Things You Want To Know

*Recruit a new camper and receive $50.00 off your fee!
*Voted "2011 Best Kids Camp" in the Northwest by viewers of Evening Magazine.

Charter busses leave from Kirkland (10 miles east of Seattle) and go directly to camp on the opening days and return to Kirkland on closing days. Camp vehicles are available to meet campers arriving by plane, train or bus. Camp will gladly assist with any transportation needs from distant towns and cities.

I was totally moved to see all of the campers piling off of the bus at the end of the session.
They were a bit grubby, scruffy-haired, laughing, sun kissed and smiling ear to ear...the way kids should look after a camp experience. Thank you!
— HVC Parent

Hidden Valley Camp is well known for its excellent meals which are carefully planned and prepared by our exceptional cook. Hidden Valley is an accredited camp of the American Camping Association and meets standards of the county and state health departments.

Health and Safety
Camp has a Registered Nurse in residence and arrangements have been made with nearby physicians who can be easily reached if necessary. A health history and an examination by a physician are required for each camper. Group counselors are certified in Standard First Aid and all staff are well trained in safety procedures.

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